Wrapping Paper Greeting Card

This is the last part for the “Wrap” series. You can check out the first two parts here (for something delicious) and here (for drawing inspiration).

Ini bagian terakhir untuk seri “Wrap”. Anda dapat melihat 2 postingan lainnya di sini (untuk resep) dan sini (untuk ilustrasi).

It’s a wrap for the year everyone! Chistmas is over and I hope everyone had a pleasant unwrapping session! So, this week, I’m sharing how to recycle the used beautiful wrapping paper into a greeting card that you can use in any occasion or perhaps, keep if for next year’s Christmas if all the wrappings are in Christmas design. Let’s get started! Continue reading “Wrapping Paper Greeting Card”

Tortilla Wrap

This Week’s theme is about Wrap and for this theme, I make Tortilla Wrap. Read more for the recipe! 🙂

Tema minggu ini adalah tentang Wrap, artinya membungkus! Untuk tema ini, saya membuat tortilla wrap! Baca lebih lanjut untuk resepnya! 🙂  Continue reading “Tortilla Wrap”