Easy Lazy Susan

This is the last part for the “Wheel” series. You can check out the first two parts here (for something delicious) and here (for drawing inspiration).

Ini bagian terakhir untuk seri “Wheel”. Anda dapat melihat 2 postingan lainnya di sini (untuk resep) dan sini (untuk ilustrasi).

My baker sister wanted a lazy susan for her icing work and I wanted to make one for her, but sadly, I couldn’t find any store selling the rotating hardware. So here goes my attempt making one, using basic stuff, from scratch. It’s still in a very raw prototype condition as I haven’t had it tested (will update again!). Basically, we will need to make a plate, the rotating leg and a base. And for that, we will need cardboard, foils and the roll, cling wrap and your choice of base (something heavy is good, like old unused dictionary). Continue reading “Easy Lazy Susan”