Festive Hairtie

This is the last part for the “Holidays” series. You can check out the first two parts here (for something delicious) and here (for drawing inspiration).

Ini bagian terakhir untuk seri “Holidays”. Anda dapat melihat 2 postingan lainnya di sini (untuk resep) dan sini (untuk ilustrasi).

Note: I don’t know the correct term for this type of hairtie, so I’ll just simply call it hairtie for now (if anybody knows the term, please do share with us m(_._)m).

I often accessorize my hair with this kind of hairtie. I made a few with different designs back then (mostly very much video game-inspired, sorcerers and priests style). This time, I approach it with a more festive feeling!  Continue reading “Festive Hairtie”