Woven Rice Bag

This is the last part for the “morning” series. You can check out the first two parts here (for something delicious) and here (for drawing inspiration).

Ini bagian terakhir untuk seri “morning”. Anda dapat melihat 2 postingan lainnya di sini (untuk resep) dan sini (untuk ilustrasi).

We had this rather sexist mindset when we were young that every morning, a father is expected to go to the office to work while a mother is expected to go to the wet market to buy groceries for the family. For our ‘morning’ theme, I was imagining a grocery bag made out of the rice plastic bag. Rice is our staple food and you can imagine how many bags we have accumulated over the years. We have been reusing the bags for many things; from garbage bags, weight bags to tree planting. Thinking that nobody (okay, may be not everybody) wants to go shopping literally holding a rice bag, I decided to do some weaving to sort of use it as camouflage (doesn’t work out as I imagined it could be, though). Anyway, let’s keep going! Continue reading “Woven Rice Bag”