Egg Shell Mosaic

This is the last part for the “egg” series. You can check out the first two parts here (for something delicious) and here (for drawing inspiration).

Ini bagian terakhir untuk seri “egg”. Anda dapat melihat 2 postingan lainnya di sini (untuk resep) dan sini (untuk ilustrasi).

I love the idea of creating something new by upcycling old, unused or broken things. If the newly transformed item turns useful, that’s wonderful, but if not, there’s always something new learned in the process of experimentation. For our first ‘egg’ project, I was kinda undecided whether I want to try my hands on the egg shells or the egg cartons. In the end, I went with the former and decided to leave the later for a possible future project. For this project, we’ll need egg shells, glue, paint and pasting surface. Let’s get going. Continue reading “Egg Shell Mosaic”